What’s new in UFT 14 – Quick overview

I am sure, by now you are already aware of the another version of UFT. HPE has released another upgrade of UFT 12.54 to UFT 14.0. with this release of UFT, HPE has continued to improvise it with full of features to accommodate current test automation need and trends. There […]

UFT 12.54 Released

UFT 12.54 – New Features and Enhancements

HPE has released the fourth minor upgrade for UFT 12.5 release, after the subsequent upgrades 12.51, 12.52 and 12.53. This release includes some of the improved and enhancement features, which include few enhancements for IDE and mobile testing support. The major change comes with this release is trial license period, […]

Cucumber Plug-in for Eclipse 2

Cucumber Eclipse Plugin is used by eclipse to understand the basic Gherkin  syntax and it works like a syntax highlighter. It highlights all the main syntax in the feature file which makes it more readable and more clearer. In this post we are going to discuss about the installation of Cucumber Eclipse Plug-in. […]


Cucumber Workflow

How Cucumber works? How does Cucumber interacts with different components of a framework? Lately, my inbox flooded with this question asked by many of you. With this heavy interest on the topic, I thought to put together this post, so that this question can be answered broadly and others can also […]

Using MS SharePoint as Data Source : Part 3 2

This is the third and last part of the series: Using MS SharePoint as Data Source. In the earlier posts we learned the basics of SharePoint and the easy way to retrieve data to SharePoint list. In this post we are going to discuss the easiest way of posting data to the […]

Using Sharepoint

Using Sharepoint

Using MS SharePoint as data source : Part 2 1

In the last post [ Using MS SharePoint as data source : Part 1 ], we went through the understanding of SharePoint in brief. Now that you have all the information, let’s proceed on the scripting part and see how easily we can retrieve and post data to SharePoint.   This a […]

TestComplete 12 has been released

Smartbear has released the new and improved version of TestComplete – version 12. Here are some of the enhancements and Improvement in TestComplete 12.   What’s New and Enhanced in TestComplete 12   Object Search Strategy for Find Methods – This option will help search objects faster. There is an […]

TestComplete 12

Using Sharepoint

Using MS SharePoint as data source : Part 1 4

So far, you  might have used various means of keeping your test data or have retrieved it from various sources such as flat files, MS Excel, MS Access, SQL etc. Have you ever come across a scenario where you have to pull data from SharePoint?  you don’t! No worries, it’s always a good […]

NextGen ALM – Octane 1

I am sure you must be knowing by now, Just in case not.  On June 1st, 2016, HPE  announce the release of HPE Application Lifecycle Management Octane (HPE ALM Octane). Experience the next generation of Application Lifecycle Management – with support for waterfall projects, agile, and everything in between.   “HPE […]

ALM Octane

UFT 12.53

UFT 12.53 Latest Service Packs 2

I really appreciate the way HPE is continuously improving the products to compete and to remain on top. Industry is rapidly moving towards faster release cycle that derives their business innovation faster. There is more focus towards the ability to develop faster and test faster in development life cycle. Something […]

UI Automation – Have you Started using the new Add-in? 5

I am talking about the add-in – UI Automation, which has been introduced with UFT 12.52. I hope, many of you have already noticed this add-in, If you have not – check it out! In this post, we are going to discuss a bit about this. I really appreciate the […]

UI Automation


Gherkin – Basic Syntax Explained with Example

In this post, we are going to talk about the industry wide most discussed, a new language that testing is going to speak – The Gherkin Language. Gherkin language is business readable, domain specific language that helps all the stakeholders to understand about the software without going into the technical details […]

Answers to Interview Questions – TestComplete

On requests from many of our readers, here are the answers to our one of the most popular post on interview question – TestComplete Interview Questions. The answers to the questions are not in exact wording as you have to answer, but expansible the concept and few recommendations. This will […]

Interview Questions

A Sneak Peek at HPE ALM Beta (NextGen ALM) 3

Few days back, I got chance to join the webinar on HPE NextGen Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This was held on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 and was mainly focused on introducing the Next Generation of ALM and the announcement of HPE ALM Beta. The way HP has improved its most of […]

Headless Automation

I encountered a technique recently which, I feel would be worth sharing. I found this while going through different automation technique in search for my quest :). Many of you would be aware of this already. Though it sounds scary but indeed a very helpful method to perform Regression and integration testing. […]

Headless Automation