5 Best Test Automation Tools


Saket works with and write about test automation, has a love for creativity in automation and enjoys experimenting with various tools and techniques in automation.

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25 Responses

  1. Malik says:

    Why have you not included TOSCA from Tricentis?

  2. Lenin Nair says:

    Hi, I would like to point you to MTAS & Mobitaz, two great tools from MSys technologies. If you would like, I will give you a detailed description of these tools. It won’t be in a promotional manner.


  3. testguru says:

    cud there be a tool-kits better than robotframework. The list above is a joke

    • Saket says:

      Thanks for your time testguru. would you mind explaining the joke please?

      • testguru says:

        you are clubbing together test platform/ studio and test libraries and ranking them

        real life example: there are different kinds of 4 legged animals, not all are same.

        • Saket says:

          Nope, first of all I am not ranking here. Yes all these animals are not same ( :) liked the example) but solves a single objective and since these are most popular among all. I am not saying that these are enough or there are no any other tools available. Please read the post, I am sure there are other great tools available which are not listed here like ranorex, mtas etc. If you are aware of any please let us know. Don’t be biased with a single tool/approach/technique always look for/aware of others as well. you can fit your example again here not all 4 legged animals are same, we should be aware of every animal.

          • testguru says:

            To me, *personally* there is no point getting to know abstract idea on a QA tool, unless the tool is graded under the following topics

            The definitions ‘below’ is quite impossible for a specific QA tool to meet (I agree with you). I understand you have tried to address some of those issues in your article

            a. Tool type:
            (propreitory or open source)
            platform supported (most important)
            Programming Language support
            Generic or product oriented (non generic)

            b. Libraries support and extendability:

            c. Tool purpose:

            d. (To good extent) Tool selection based on Software development process:
            e.g Agile methodologies e.g BDD /continuous integration

            f. IT industry:

            g. Work environment:
            QA/Testing jobs outsourced (where there is more possibility of using a specific propretory tool)
            QA/Testing in-house

            i. Cost of propreitory tool (tool + tester cost):

            and many more …

            Instead of focussing on Features of Test automation tool, I would personally like to understand the engineering of creating and maintaining framework, where the principles are adoptable and applicable throughout one’s (testers) career

            I can state a page of tools, but its not going to help anyone. However, study of Robotframework, a generic open source tool, gives that possibility. FITNess offers something similar

          • Saket says:

            I agree, well explained the points to consider while selecting a tool. The only intention of the post is to increase the awareness of other tools to consider while evaluating for the required. I have listed few and requesting everyone to add more with your experience in test automation, just like you did for Robotframework. Thanks.

  4. sujith says:

    Please Can anyone give me the importance of CODED UI in automation ??

    Can you suggest me any of the automation tool which is best used in MN C’s ??

    I am working as test engineer but need to know which tool is mostly used in MN C’s and can they offer good package with an experience of 2 years ??

    If yes, Can you give me rough figure about the package, such that i can’t negotiate with them ??

    Awaiting for your valuable reply ::::

    • Saket says:

      Hi Sujith,
      Coded UI is another ui automation tool and equally important as others in testing. as far as i have seen most widely used automation tools in industry these days are – Selenium, QTP, TestComplete and others as listed above.


  5. ruby says:

    Hi, I can do manual testing but I want to learn automated testing.Could you please suggest me any automated testing tool which is easy to learn and use but can be useful in automated testing. I donot have programming background but i am ready to learn up to some extent if required.There is no training centre close where i live so please suggest any thing that i can learn myself from internet.Do i really need programming skill for automated testing ? Kindly guide.

    • Saket says:

      You can go with QTP/UFT or Selenium, there are lots of self learning content and forums available on net for you. Yes you should have exposure to programming and knowledge of scripting language. But you can easily grab it with some lessons.
      for QTP and TestComplete you can go with VBScript.

  6. Chetan says:

    HI, I want to know selenium webdriver tool,can you pls guide me what things i need to know in order to learn this tool (like html,java etc)?

    • Saket says:

      Hi Chetan,
      I think you already have it. not only Java, Selenium supports other programming languages as well. you can go with C#, Python or Ruby.

  7. Clive Jones says:

    Have a look at Minion, another very quick and simple option for automated browser testing. http://www.testminion.com

  8. Johne725 says:

    Spot on with this writeup, I actually believe this website needs a great deal more attention. Ill probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the info! kedkebkddgfe

  9. Rebecca says:

    Have you heard of/tried Agile Designer? It is a test case design tool that allows you to test less with maximum coverage. You can also estimate cost and complexity in a click, create unambiguous requirements, reduce defect creation by 95%, manage changing requirements, optimize software tests, clean up your existing test cases and more. If you haven’t tried it you can get a free trial which is good! http://www.agile-designer.com/free-trial/

  10. Janez says:

    Check HttpMaster (http://www.httpmaster.net) for automation of RESTful web services and web APIs.

  11. Harshal Kakade says:

    Can anyone knows a open source tool which supports flash games automation on android and iOS devices ?

    Please share your experiences, thanks in advance…!!!

  12. nit says:

    hi saket,

    I am new to testing field, I don’t know how to start my carrier in this field, please help me to start and go till the end

  13. dikesh says:

    Try sikuli for flash automation.

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