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We Interviewed Katalon Studio

Jun 21, 2017
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There are various tools that help QA teams execute testing and test automation. These days, we find a new tool almost everyday which targets to address various challenges from the rapidly changing software industry. Some of these tools are fairly new and some of them would be bit established for some time, each of them having different strengths and weakness. We all must aware of such tools, there features and recommendations, this helps while selecting/recommending appropriate tool for the problem statements. At automated-360, we are always focused on this, refer our post on Best Automation Tools. We are continuing the same, but this time in a different way. We are now interviewing these tools, hope you will like it. In this post we interviewed Katalon Studio, this gave us some wonderful insights. 

Tell Us About Yourself

Essentially, I am a simple and powerful automation solution – a viable alternative to costly commercial tool. An automated testing platform that offers a comprehensive set of features to implement full automated testing solutions for mobile and Web applications. Built on top of the open-source Selenium and Appium frameworks, Katalon Studio allows teams to get started with test automation quickly by reducing the effort and expertise required for learning and integrating these frameworks for automated testing needs. 

 What does it mean by built on top of Selenium?

Selenium and Appium are just the libraries. Anyone who wants to work with it, needs to have an IDE like Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ. Plus it also requires in depth programming skills to work effectively. While you work with all these seperate components and configurations, I (Katalon) provides an all in one solution to all of this. I have all built in and ready for you jump start with writing your automated scripts, including all the features like record, debug etc. that a tool has in a very friendly interface. I provide a user friendly script structure using Keywords, so that  non technical people can also work easily.

 How Do You Do That?

This video should explain it all

 What Platforms and which scripting language you support?

Scripting Language – Java/Groovy


Desktop Browsers Version on Windows Version on macOS
Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 N/A
Microsoft Edge Current N/A
Firefox 53
Google Chrome 58
Opera Not supported
Safari 5.1+


Version on Windows
Version on macOS
Node.js 7.5.0 7.5.0
Appium 1.6.3 1.6.3
Android 6.x, 7.x 6.x, 7.x
iOS N/A 9, 10
Xcode N/A 8

 What Other Skills Do You Have?

    • Easy installation and get started quickly
    • Support Web and Mobile Apps
    • Capability to spy objects
    • Built-in Object Repository


  • Integration with CI tools such as TeamCity, Jenkins
  • Integration with Jira, qTest, Git, Slack
  • Manual and Script mode for advance users

 Why Should People Be Friends With You?

I am an all in one solution for every tester’s needs currently, providing a rich user interface with all various capabilities. If you don’t have sufficient reasons look at these

  • It’s completely free, No licensing and maintenance fees required
  • Integrating necessary frameworks and features for quick test cases creation and execution.
  • No or less programming skills required to start 
  • Learning curve is very little, you can quickly jump into writing test cases

On top of these, Katalon provides product support via tickets as well as growing community.

 What is the latest version release?

current version for Katalon Studio is 4.6, released on May 30, 2017.

 How can we get Katalon Studio?

in 4 easy steps

  1. Visit Katalon website
  2. Hit Download button, and Signup to proceed.
  3. Download Starts
  4. Extract and Launch Katalon.exe and you are ready


simply hit the button below

Download Katalon Studio

Ok, Thanks Katalon.. That was it.


I feel it has great potential with some improvements like support of other languages, currently only Java/Groovy supported. I really like the whole deployment is configured. It really does not take much time, not even for integrations. I could not explore much but, if capability of writing test cases in Gherkin and some kind of mapping specially with test data with example in gherkin can be added, it will be of a great use. The Keyword mode, feel its of less/no use these days. I am looking forward to use Katalon Studio, Will try to post some more on its capabilities, going to try the CI capabilities.


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