ANd I thought I knew QTP
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ANd I thought I knew QTP

UFT/QTP Interview Unplugged: And I thought I knew UFT!

About This Book

Preparing for UFT/QTP Interviews? Certifications? UFT/QTP Interview Unplugged is a must have book for every UFT/QTP user. The book uses a very unique style of teaching the various concepts of the tool and its primary scripting language VBScript. It complements the QuickTest Professional Unplugged 2nd Ed, which was focused on pragmatic use of QTP’s features. This edition focuses on giving you a crystal clear view of the various aspects of UFT. For e.g.: – How declaring or not declaring variable can change output of a script? – How object identification properties are chosen by UFT? – What constitutes a Test Automation Framework? – How is Shared Object Repository different from Local Object Repository? – How is ExecuteGlobal different from LoadFunctionLibrary? – And many more… Brush-up your concepts before any interview or certification. You can use this 2nd Edition as a reference book. The book has close to 500 interactive Q&A ranging from basic, intermediate, and advanced level.