First Step – Let The Learning Continue


        This is my first blog post on my brand new website. This is something I wanted to do since long, and was not sure how, where, when to do it or even should I do or not. Finally, here I am. Blogging here is a lot different from the amateur blogging I did once at myspace pages and tumblr and my facebook page. It’s also different from the posts I’ve written at learnqtp. It seems like a wonderful place to share my experiences, thoughts and works with you. I can also learn new things from your experiences as well, which you can pass on to me by giving feedback or sharing via the comments after each blog post.I’m excited to begin this and I’m so happy you’re here reading it.

        I am Saket Kumar and I learn, coach, share, consult, speak, work with and write on Software test automation. I am specialized in variety of automation tools like QTP, Selenium, JMeter and Test Complete, which will be my main focus here to write about. I have worked on various test automation projects on different technologies and have developed large automated regression suites. I have also developed several good test automation frameworks and worked on few projects to ease the whole automation process, which I call as automation of automated testing :).

       I have worked with Ankur Jain or several assignments at learnqtp and would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to share some of the articles there on advanced concepts of QTP like – DotNetFactory, WebService Testing, Database Checkpoints, Automating Word Document etc.

        I believe Automated360  will be a reservoir of test automation concepts and resources. My aim to start this blog will be fulfilled if you can find somthing here which helps you in your work. As the name states, 360 [degree] is for either way, we will gain and share knowledge together.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
With these words by Phil Collins , Let The Learning Continue…

Enjoy your stay here. Follow, Join, Tweet, Like, Share and provide feedback at the comment section of each post. I am easily reachable @ Automated-360, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter



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