Good news for QTP11 and ALM 11.5 users

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HP has released a patch for QTP 11 to support the test execution remotely with ALM 11.5 Patch Name: QTP_00953 The patch replaces the earlier patch QTP_00919, make sure that this patch is not installed before installing the new patch. If patch 00919 is installed, you need to do the following

  • Uninstall QTP_00919 from the Control Panel>Programs and Features
  • Verify the uninstall was complete by checking that the following files have any version other than 11.1.2239.0: AQTRmtAgent.exe, Bpt4SapLogger.dll, Bpt4SapLoggerLib.dll, CountersGraph.dll, GeneralLogger.dll
  • Once patch QTP_00919 has been removed reboot the machine and install the new patch QTP_00953

I have listed out all the patches for QTP 11. Check out QTP 11 Patches.


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