QTP Certification – 360


  1. Need QTP dumps.. Can you please help me. i’m unable to download the above attachment due to the content is locked.

  2. Hi,

    I am preparing for uft 12.x certification. Can you please provide me the QTP dumps that would be a great help.


  3. Hi, I am preparing for UFT 12.X certificaiton.Can you please provide QTP dumps that would be helpful to me.


  4. Hi Saket,

    Thanks for sharing these dumps. These are really useful for me to prepare well. I am appearing for HP0-M102 ie. UFT 12.x certification this month.
    Could you please let me know the topics mentioned in syllabus is sufficient if we go through the same topics in user guide as the user guide is very fast or do we need to cover the entire user guide? please suggest

    Also, could you please point out any articles related to Service virtualization and BPT.


    • Hi Zareena,
      this pack was designed for QTP11 certification, but this should certainly help up to some extent. syllabus is slight different for UFT 12.x. This reminds me that I have not published any info regarding 12.x. Thanks for reminind 🙂 I will get back on this soon. Keep looking

    • Hi Zareena,

      Could you plz share your experience on the HP0-M102 test? I am also appearing for it this month, and just wanted to know how different is it from QTP 11 i.e. HP0-M47 certification. And what type of questions exactly they ask, as I am new to UFT12 and don’t have much confidence on this.

      Thanks in advance

      • Hi Saket,

        It would be of great help if you can provide us some mock tests for HP0-M102 test as well.As most of us are unaware of what type of questions we can expect in UFT12 certification exam.

        Thanks in advance

      • Hi Saumy,

        I have cleared HP0-M102 exam,

        We need to go through the entire user guide for all the topics and coverage and bit hands on is good to have. Along with user guide it would be good if you refer API testing, GUI testing, web extensibility guides.

        Answers were too confusing, it would be preferrable to revise each and every topic before taking exam


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