Step-by-Step Record and Playback


This post contains a step-by-step example of how to record a simple test and playback with TestComplete 9.2.


We will use Windows Calculator as an example here to record mouse clicks and keystrokes.If you are a beginner with TestComplete, it is the easiest way for you to start with creating a base script by recording a script.

Steps To record the script:

Step 1: Start TestComplete and create a new project by selecting File > New> New Project, Accept all defaults for the new project, We will use VBScript as language here.

Step 2: Click the Record button on the toolbar to start recording all the actions

Step 3: Launch Windows Calculator

Step 4: Perform some calculation, for example lets add two numbers and get the result and close windows calculator.

Step 5: Click the Stop button on TestComplete’s recording toolbar

The recorded Script will be something like below


Keyword Test
Keyword Test
Script Test
Script Test



Recording was easy, isn’t it.. Playback is even easier.

To playback the recorded script, you need to Select Unit recorded (unit1) and click the Run Script button in the Project Explorer.

After the script runs, the test results display:





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