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What’s new in UFT 14 – Quick overview

Mar 26, 2017
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UFT 14.03

I am sure, by now you are already aware of the another version of UFT. HPE has released another upgrade of UFT 12.54 to UFT 14.0. with this release of UFT, HPE has continued to improvise it with full of features to accommodate current test automation need and trends. There are couple of new addition to UFT feature list along with upgrades and adjustments to the existing functionalities, but the main attraction would be the new licensing and three different editions.


What’s New in UFT 14.0                                 

UFT Editions

UFT has now three different editions

LeanFT is now UFT Pro, I think HPE decided to make this change to be called as UFT for a better branding. This version continues to provide the strength for angular automated solution, continuous testing and integration, cross browser support etc.
UFT Enterprise include UFT and UFT Pro, the same bundle option which we used to get for 12.54(UFT +LeanFT). Sprinter is the new addition(FREE!) to this bundle to provide efficient manual functional testing.

UFT Ulitmate is filled with different arsenal by looking at the current testing and automation needs, which makes is the ultimate and expensive package. It include UFT Pro and UFT Enterprise along with Sprinter, Business Process Testing, Mobile Center 

uft14 license 

Is there an impact with this update?

With UFT 14, HPE has introduced a new licensing mechanism based on Device ID, but it has kept he backward compatibility. If you already have an existing license you will be able to have it working.


Upgrading to UFT 14

you can directly upgrade to UFT 14, if you are on version 11.5 or later, otherwise, uninstall and install the new version. You might need to upgrade your license as well based on your current version.

Download UFT 14


Installing UFT 14

refer the below video tutorial from Joe Colantonio 


Test Combinations Generator for GUI Tests

The Test Combinations Generator helps you prepare test configurations by using the parameters in your test and their possible values to create multiple possible data combinations. UFT can then generate them into a test configuration that you can use when running a business process test. Learn more about Test Combinations Generator


Integration with Microsoft TFS for CI

Now you can integrate your tests with TFS and enable continuous integration using UFT TFS Extension.


Redesigned Record and Run Settings

Along with all other look and feel changes , Record and Run setting has been revamped to ease the experience of configuration and settings for applications

record and run settings

Sniper Mode

This is interesting, a new capture mode has been introduced. With Sniper mode capture functionality you can capture all the objects in a selected area of your application simply by selecting the area of the application.

Sniper Mode Button

Sniper mode

New Technology and Framework Support

UFT now supports these new technologies and frameworks:

  • The latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Autopass License Server 9.3
  • EXT-JS 6.0
  • SiebelOpenUI 16
  • Safari 10.12 (“Sierra”)
  • SAPUI5 1.38
  • Visual Studio 2015 for the Testing Extensibility SDK
  • Solution Manager 7.2
  • Delphi Berlin 10.1
  • SAP Hybris

here you can find more details and other features on the new version. we are intended to write in depth posts on each of these features, so stay tuned and let us know your experiences with the new UFT 14.

Download UFT 14

UFT 14 Patch Updates – UFT 14.01, UFT 14.02, UFT 14.03


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  1. They dumped the Help file, which has no screen captures, and hid the sample code directory. Not enough innovative ideas in this release to make me a fan.

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  5. Hi Saket,

    Please let me know how LeanFT performs with SAP.
    Is it fully compatible with SAP and are there any limitations?

    Thanks In Advance,

  6. Hi,

    How do I use css identification for an object to proceed with 14.00 release.

    Say on Google Home page, on adding an object with only css as an identifier and no Indexing and No Smart Identification, it fails to highlight on Internet explorer Windows 7 machine.

    I had used below code:-

    Browser (“Google”).Page(“Google”).WebButton(“css:=div input#lst-ib”). highlight

    Kindly help me on this.

    Gajendra Pratap Singh

    • Please find the below updated code.

      Browser (“Google”).Page(“Google”).WebEdit(“css:=div input#lst-ib”). highlight

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