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Going Back to QTP 11 from UFT 11.5

Jun 09, 2013
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These days, I was a bit busy in exploring the new features in UFT and experimenting with all my existing projects onto UFT 11.5 with some of its cool new features like insight objects, checkpoints etc. I liked UFT very much and thinking to upgrade my projects to run on UFT 11.5 with all the necessary enhancements required. Within all this process, I did not realize that I have installed UFT on both of my systems, which lead me to uninstall UFT 11.5 and install QTP 11 to do some tests on one of the machines. I faced few issues while doing this, which I will explain in this post.

I went into one of the system and uninstalled UFT straight away from the control panel and started installing QTP 11 on the system.




But after this step, as soon as I start the fresh installation of QTP 11, I got the error as you see in the snapshot below.




The reason, why this error occurs is, when we uninstall UFT 11.5, it does not get uninstalled clearly. It left some of the traces from the last installation.

To overcome this issue and install QTP 11 or lower versions successfully, we need to have the system clear i.e without any leftover traces. To do this, you will need to follow the steps as follow.

  • Go to your UFT installation source (installation Disc or Drive location)
  • Navigate to the \Unified Functional Testing\MSI\TARGETDIR\MSI folder


  • Start QTP_setup.msi and select Remove.



Once this is complete, you can install QTP 11 or lower versions.

I tried this few times, the error mentioned above does not come up always, sometimes you will see that your installation proceeds well. But many times you may face the issue. I hope this solution will help you if you are facing such issue.

If this does not work, you may try other ways as follows-

Before uninstalling UFT, remove below items if exist on a machine at Windows Controls Panel- Add/Remove Programs  before continuing:

  • Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Add-in for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) / Quality Center (QC)
  • .NET Extensibility Add-in
  • WPF/SilverLight Extensibility Add-in
  • Java Extensibility Add-in
  • Web  Extensibility Add-in (if displayed)
  • Extensibility Accelerator Note: ensure to backup EA projects before uninstalling it

and Delete the traces left if any, as mentioned in the documents below under the “Delete any traces left” section:

Document ID KM171368 – How to perform a clean uninstall of QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

Document ID KM1016043 – How to perform a Clean Uninstall of Service Test (ST)?


I have just tried to explain the issues, you may face while uninstalling UFT and install the older versions of QTP. Does this solution help you? Are you facing any other issue ? Let us know via the comments below, we are here to help you with the best of our knowledge.

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  1. I am facing below issue while installing QTP 11 after un-installing the UFT 11.5,
    failed to register: C:\Program Files\hp\QuickTest Professional\bin\WWWPackage.dll

    I tried manually registering the above dll, but could not do it and got below error,

    The procedure entry point WIAgentLogWrite could not be located in the dynamic link library

    Please provide me the right solution.


  2. Can you please tell me where can i download qtp11 from? I don’t think its available on the hp site anymore.


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