UFT 12 Certification (HP0-M102)

UFT 12 Certification

Also known as HP Unified Functional Testing 12.x software Certification. Somehow, we missed to publish the details on HP0-M102 – UFT 12 certification which is the current certification offering by HP for UFT 12.x. I apologies for this and without any delay have put together, all about this certification. In case you are planning to go for this, its a must for you to go through it.

With the drastic change from QTP to UFT, changes are expected in the assessment for the certification. You should expect questions around GUI test, BPT tests and API test as well. Also expect questions from QTP and ALM integration, automated test troubleshooting, advanced UFT Scripting and UFT Automation scripts and how to work with HP Service Virtualization.

As earlier, the proctored exam will be conducted at dedicated Pearson VUE testing centers. You will need an HPE Learner ID and a Pearson VUE login and password.

Exam Duration – 2 Hours

Exam length – 75 Questions

types of questions to expect:


Multiple choice (multiple responses)

Multiple choice (single response)

Passing Score – 65%

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Below if the syllabus/detailed topic on which you should expect questions

PercentageSections and Topics

HP UFT Overview

  • Identify functional testing principles, and the benefits of automated testing
  • Describe the advantages of UFT as a testing tool
  • Identify system requirements and supported environments
  • Describe the UFT installation process and topology (License Server)
  • Identify and describe UFT default settings and configuration
  • Describe UFT's GUI Testing solution
  • Illustrate and describe the GUI Testing workflow
  • Describe UFT's API Testing solution
  • Illustrate and describe the API Testing workflow
  • Describe UFT's Integrated (ALM, GUI+API) Testing solution
  • Describe Business Process Testing (BPT) in UFT
  • Discuss how to plan for test automation
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the UFT User Interface (Main Window, Panes, Testing Documents)
  • Illustrate Testing Documents management capabilities in UFT
  • Describe how to the manage the UFT program, including available licenses, updates and access levels.


Create a basic GUI test

  • Describe how to create a basic GUI test
  • Recognize and explain how UFT work with Objects
  • Describe how to manage Objects and Object Repositories
  • Describe how to add steps to a basic test
  • Discuss Synchronization in UFT

Verify and enhance a basic GUI test

  • Illustrate verification points in UFT
  • Describe how to add standard and custom verification points in the basic test
  • Describe how to enhance a GUI test with parameters
  • Describe how to run a basic GUI test


Business Process Testing

  • Describe the Business Process Testing framework and infrastructure
  • Describe how to create, maintain, and run Business Process Testing Tests and Flows in UFT
  • Identify and describe Business Process Testing methodologies


API Testing with UFT

  • Define API testing
  • Recognize and discuss support for API testing in UFT
  • Describe how to create an API test in UFT
  • Discuss the API testing methodology


Run UFT tests and analyze results

  • Describe how to run tests in UFT
  • Illustrate how to work with test results


Integrate testing solutions with UFT

  • Describe how to build modular UFT tests with Actions
  • Describe how to work with Actions in UFT
  • Describe how to integrate GUI and API tests in UFT
  • Describe how to use UFT together with ALM to manage the entire testing process
  • Describe how to connect to ALM from UFT


Configure UFT

  • Describe and explain UFT Global Options
  • Describe and explain settings for GUI Tests, GUI Business Components, and Application Areas


Basic troubleshooting

  • Identify object recognition issues and describe basic troubleshooting tools and procedures
  • Identify when to use Recovery Scenarios
  • Describe how to create and manage Recovery Scenarios
  • Describe methods and tools to identify and handle problems in UFT tests, components, function libraries, registered user functions, event handlers, or user code files
  • Identify and describe different UFT options to detect and isolate defects in a document.
  • Describe local system monitoring in UFT


Advanced Scripting

  • Compare and contrast Editor and Keyword View
  • Describe how to use the editor for GUI tests and components
  • Describe how to program in GUI Testing Documents in the Editor
  • Describe how to use the editor for API testing


Work with Web applications

  • Recognize Web add-in extensibility
  • Describe web event recording use and configuration
  • Discuss web testing capabilities


Service Virtualization

  • Identify and describe capabilities of HP Service Virtualization
  • Identify and describe benefits of Service Virtualization
  • Describe how to use a Virtualized Service for a UFT Test


UFT Automation Scripts

  • Recognize the purpose of the UFT Automation Object Model and define it
  • Describe how to use the Application Object
  • Describe how to create a UFT Automation Script
  • Describe how to run Automation Scripts on a remote computer


  1. Hi,

    I am planning to appear for UFT certification i.e. HP0-102 by the end of this month.So, need some inputs on how to prepare for this new certification, as the previous QTP certification( HP0-047) is obsolete now. And the course is quite different of UFT than QTP.

    I have relevant experience in QTP, but haven’t worked on UFT yet. So, it would be of great help, if you can provide me some guidance thru course material or practice questions and answers for HP0-102 certification.

    • Hi Saumy, I am very sorry, but we don’t have the questions pack for UFT 12.x exam ready yet. we are in progress of creating the question pack with our experts. you will get notified as soon as its ready.
      meanwhile, to crack the exam it is always recommended that you practice on UFT as much as possible and be prepared with and remember every small points, features and functionality of the tool.

      • Hi Saket,

        Please share study material for “HPE0-M105” exam.If u don’t have please share resources from where we at least get some knowledge for this exam. I have exam date in the end of June-2017. I will definitely share my experience on this website so that it would help otthes.

        Waiting for your reply.

  2. Hi Team,
    I am planning to do “HPE0-M105” certification. Can you please provide mock tests as we ll as available dumps to crack this exam.

    • I am also planning to do “HPE0-M105” certification.I have relevant experience in QTP, but haven’t worked on UFT yet. So, it would be of great help, if you can provide me some guidance thru course material or practice questions and answers.Even don’t have UFT software to practice..

    • Hi Jagtap

      Did you take “HPE0-M105” certification, can you please share if u have any relevant materials. I am also planning to take this exam


    • Hi Pandurang,

      I am planning to appear this exam in the end of June – 2017. If u have any dumps or study material. Kindly reply this comment.
      As i got confused how to start preparation for this exam.

      Thanks for your anticipation.


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