Unified Functional Testing 11.5


Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is a new tool from HP which integrates two most commonly used HP tools, QuickTest Professional (QTP) and Service Test (ST). This is not a separate stand alone product but just a common IDE to provide powerful framework for GUI and API testing.

UFT is available for download at[like_to_read]

HP website. You can download it after entering the required personal details.


Here are some cool new features of UFT 11.50

  • Multiple Tools in one package: with the user interface and object recognition type of testing and using API for testing will allow Automator to create test using the presentation layer or simply automate the interface at application layer
  • Image based Object Identification: With Image based object identification learning an object’s different states and convert that into a recognizable object within the object library is very easy.
  • HP Claims, this allows the testing Software to recognize and record any application, irrespective of the tool used to build it. Not sure how much it has been improved for flex object identification.
  • PDF Checkpoints – compare PDF file and run checkpoints on them. I hope the API which I created earlier PDF Manipulation, still will be in use with few more features.
  • Mobile Testing Support
  • Performance for BPT has been improved: develop and run a complete test case with flows from UFT.
  • All New Unified IDE: select between choices for GUI or API tests
  • Enhanced Debugging feature.
  • New Add-in for Flex and QT

Below are some of the facts about UFT

  • UFT 11.5 does not support Windows 8 yet. UFT_ico
  • If you’re upgrading from QTP 9.5 or above versions, then the installation process will automatically uninstall the older version and install UFT.
  • UFT 11.5 now comes with 16 add-ins – Active Add-in (default), Visual Basic Add-in (default),  (default)Web Add-in, Delphi, Flex, Java, .NET, Oracle, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Qt, SAP Solutions, Siebel, Stingray, TE, Visual Age.
  • If you have already installed a version of QTP earlier and installing UFT 11.5 overwriting that version, UFT will ask for license.

Check out to find the requirements and what UFT supports and can work with – UFT 11.50 Product Availability Matrix





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