Here are some of the common interview questions which are being asked by interviewers in top MNCs to evaluate on QTP. These questions are usually for experienced professional who has more than two years of experience. You can go thorough these question to brush up on QTP Concepts and prepare to crack your interview.

Usually the questions starts with a question like

1. What type of Automation Framework, you have worked with earlier in your Project/Organization?

next question will depend on the answer to this question.

2. what do you mean by hybrid framework?

followed by

3. Have you designed or were part of designing a framework?

4. what are points needs to be taken care of while designing a framework?

5. What is the latest version of QTP and which version you have recently worked on in your project?

6. What are the new features were there in QTP 11?

7. Have you heard about UFT?

8. How it is different from QTP?

9. How you used to handle exceptions in you last project?

10. Can we call QTP test from another test using scripting. Suppose there are 4 tests and I want to call these tests in a main script. Is this possible in QTP?

11. How QTP works or How QTP identify Objects?

12. How smart identification works?

13. What are the challenges you have faced in automating test cases? and the resolution?

14. What is the most difficult object to automate with QTP?

15. What types of add-in, you have worked with?

16. What is .Net Windows Forms Spy? and how it is different from object spy?

17. How do you resolve conflicts while merging two Object repository?

18. Why do we need to use regular expression?

19. How to test XMLs in QTP?

20. How do you analyse QTP results?

21. How to supress warnings from the test results?

22. How to execute a SQL Query in QTP?

23. Is cross browser testing possible with QTP? How?

24. In how many ways you can call an action? which one you will prefer?

25. What are the things to focus on while doing automation feasibility study?

26. Have you done estimation earlier? what was you estimation model.

27. What is COM interface?

28. Does QTP has COM interface? have you used it?

29. What is the difference between function and action?

30. Is it possible to change from Shared repository to Per Action or vice versa?

31. How to run multiple instances of application how to differentiate the instances?

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32. How to click on a button in a cell in a web grid?

33. when tests run as batch, qtp shows the last run result only. how to get the results for the each an every script?

34. what will be your approach to test a dialogue box which displays random string and the title is also random?

[sociallocker]35. How to set the number of iterations for data table run time?

36. Can we customize QTP results? How?

37. In what cases you will use descriptive programming and why?

38. What is Extensibility Accelarator?

39. Can we test web services with QTP?

40. How QTP works with Flex Application?

41. Can we add objects into Object Repository Runtime? How?

42. What is the difference between GetROProperty, SetTOProperty and SetROProperty?

43. How to select a particular value from a combo box in current page that was entered in previous page?

44. Have you used class in QTP Scripts?

45. What are the benefits of using Class?

46. In how many ways we can associate a function library?

47. Why do we use RegisterUserFunc?

48. What are the benefits of using DOTNetFactory? for what functions we can use this?

49. Have you worked with Excel/Word in your script? how?

50. What type of scenarios should not be automated?

51. What are the drawbacks of Test Automation?

Be cautious and ready to explain the terms/process which you use while answering a question. Generally lots of question comes from the answers itself.



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      • Saket,
        I’ve a correction in your statement, there is a method SetROProperty in QTP, however this method is applicable only in Delphi Environment.


          • Never saw this method… only used SETTOPROPERTY method… want to know how to use this method even though in DELPHI

          • Hi Vinay,
            I did not get a chance to try it yet but, SetROProperty method is applicable in Delphi environment and used to set the value of the specified property of the object in the application. example from QTP help – if you need to move the scroll bar use

             scrollBarObject.SetROProperty "position", pos 

            ‘scrollBarObjec’t could be a Delphi object like Delphibutton, DelphiCheckbox, DelphiCombobox, DelphiScrollbar etc.
            ‘position’ is the name of the property you want to set. You can specify any test object identification property supported for the object, or any property of the run-time Delphi object. In this example it is DelphiScrollBar
            ‘pos’ is the value to set.

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