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On requests from many of our readers, here are the answers to our one of the most popular post on interview question – TestComplete Interview Questions.

The answers to the questions are not in exact wording as you have to answer, but expansible the concept and few recommendations. This will help you to tackle the questions.


Q. What is TestComplete, how it works? or What do you know about TestComplete?

A. TestComplete is a feature rich test automation tool by SmartBear. It lets you create, manage and run tests for any Windows, Web. Can test applications that were created in C#, C++, Delphi, Java, or any other development language. Read more here –


Q. Explain name mapping concept in TestComplete.

A. Name Mapping is the most important and exciting feature of test complete, Using this feature you can create a mapped name using the properties of the object in our application, which can then used to refer the object in the scripts. Read more here –


Q. Which version of TestComplete you have used?

A. You should be honest answering this question and say the version you last worked on. Next question might depend on the answer to this question such as – what were the new features introduced in that version? Or what is difference from previous versions.


Q. Have you worked on QTP also? If yes, what are the advantages of Testcomplete over QTP?

A. Refer the comparison chart below

Feature QTP/UFT TestComplete
Language Support VB Script VBscript, Jscript, Delphi Script and many other.
Windows (Non-browser) based Application support Yes Flex, WPF, grids and other controls –NET (Windows Forms), WPF (XAML), Visual C++, Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, C++Builder, Java, JavaFX, Visual FoxPro, Sybase PowerBuilder
Browser support Google Chrome (uptill ver 23) Internet Explorer , Firefox ( ver 21) IE,Support for Opera 17-8, Chrome 31, Firefox 24-26(Web and Rich Internet Application Testing)
Mobile (Phones & Tablets) support Different commercial product i.e. HP UFT Mobile (formerly known as MobileCloud for QTP) Windows Desktop and Client/Server, Web, and Mobile. Source,Android platform support,iOS platform support
Framework Easily integrated with HP Quality Center or HP ALM (separate commercial products) Enchance tests using external functions Calling DLL and Windows API functions, using .NET and Java classes ,Data Driven testing-Integrated support for data-driven testing and a built-in test data generator
Continuous Integration Possible through Quality Center / ALM or Jenkins Coverage testing with AQtime integration, Tracing critical failures in applications with AQtrace integration Tracing exceptions, freezes and crashes in the application under test    , Integration into Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013.
Object Recognition / Storage Inbuilt Object Repository (storing Element Id, multiple attributes) along with weightage that gives flexibility on deviation acceptance in control recognition Object Recognition is doing by two way1) Default Object Naming2)Name Mapping
Image based Tests Easily possible Need workaround
Reports Quality Center has in-built awesome dashboard in-Build report or customised is possible
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Q. Use of USEUNIT method in TestComplete.

A. USEUNIT is used to access procedures, functions, variables and constants declared in the another  unit. In short – To reference another script from the current script. USEUNIT should be used at the beginning of the script in which you want to refer (current script)



Q. How descriptive programming can be done in TestComplete?

A. Recommended to read this post –


Q. We have an object on a webpage say button; its hierarchy is getting change every-time you open that webpage. Apart from descriptive programming is there any way that we can identify that object on webpage or not? If yes then how?

A. Recommended to read this post-


Q. Elaborate Object Identification Mechanism in TestComplete.

A. Recommended to read this post –


Q. What is the Difference between Find and FindAll method.

A. The difference between the FindAll and Find methods is that the FindAll method returns an array of objects and the Find method returns the first found object in the object tree. Recommended to expalin this with an example.


Q. If any unexpected windows pop up during your script in TestComplete, how can you handle that?

A. Use OnUnexpectedWindow Event to handle unexpected windows Read more here:


Q. What is distributed testing and how it can be achieved using TestComplete.

A. Distributed testing means that a test consists of several parts and each of them is performed on a separate computer. TestComplete uses Network suite plugin to achieve distributed testing.


Q. Regular expression TestComplete.

A. Refer links below


Q. Scripting languages that can be used in testComplete.

A. VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script and C#Script.


Q. What is the purpose ofTestedApps in TestComplete?

A. TestedApps is an object which provides access to the list of tested application in the current project. With the properties and method of testedapps object, you can manage applications in the list.


Q. How can we call any application that has been added toTestedApps in your scripts?

A. Use Add method to add an application and Run method is used to execute




Q. Is it possible to perform record and play mechanism in TestComplete or not.

A. Yes, it’s possible. It’s a built in feature.


Q. Browsers supported by TestComplete till date.


  1. Microsoft Edge (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 – 11 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
  3. Google Chrome 48 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
  4. Mozilla Firefox 38 – 44 (32-bit only)
  5. Applications with the embedded Microsoft WebBrowser control
  6. Applications with Chromium Embedded Framework control (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
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Q. Syntax for highlighting objects on web page.

A. HighlightObjectmethod is used to highlight an object.


Q. Steps for calling functions located in some other file to any other file.



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