In the last post 51 Interview Questions for QTP by Saket, the questions are mainly for the professionals with at least two years of experience or more. In this post, we have listed down some of the common interview questions for beginners.

So brush up your QTP concepts and crack your interview. we hope these questions will definitely help you to prepare for the same.

The interview usually starts with the basic questions and goes deeper into the concepts.

1. What is QTP?

2. What is the difference between automation and manual testing?

3. What is meant by objects in QTP?

4. QTP is the product of which company?

5.Different types of object repositories or OR?

6. Latest Version of QTP.

7. Different types of  importing data from excel in QTP?Can you tell the syntax for the same.

8. Different types of recording in QTP?

9. How object repository can be attached to a particular action in QTP?

10. What is meant by Descriptive Programming in QTP? How do we do that?

11. Which class is used for performing the right click operation on any object in QTP?

12. How can you attach the library files at run time with actions in QTP?

13. What are the different types of framework that can be developed using QTP?

14. Have you use any regular expression in your QTP scripts till now? If yes,then explain the two ways by which we can identify dynamic object starting with Automation using regular expression.

15. Why do we use Reporter.reportevent in QTP?

16. What is the use of object spy in QTP?

17. We have an action attached with the library file in QTP. When I will click on run button,which file is going to be executed first a)Action b)Library

18. What will be the output of the statements below?

On error resume next


if Sum=0 then

msgbox "Pass"


msgbox "Fail"

End if

19. Explain the usage of Instr,Left,Mid in VBScript.

20. We have a webtable which consists of 4 rows and 4 columns.The table is shown below

ID Name Age Details
1 Automated 23 Click here
2 Test 20 Click here
3 QTP 22 Click here
4 Interview 25 Click here

Write the code for the below situations

a) You need to click on link whose ID =3

b)You need to click on the link of the person whose name is “QTP”.

21. How can we stimulate keyboard operation in QTP?

22. UFT is the combination of which 2 HP products.

23. Different types of actions in QTP.

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24. Syntax of DateAdd function in VBScript.

25. By default which add ins are loaded when QTP opens.


Always try to answers to the point only.

All the Best !!!!

Happy Learning!!!!!

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