A Critical Patch for UFT 11.51PatchUpdates

HP has recently released a critical patch 1 (UFT_00037) for UFT 11.51. This patch resolves many bugs like

  • Error “not able to find the object” when trying to import older QTP 11 scripts into UFT.
  • Weird “Exit Property” crash when typing “y”
  • Action was not found “Line (1): “LoadAndRunAction “[QualityCenter]Subject\utp\UTPDriver”,”Action1″, OneIteration” when upgrading to UFT from QTP
  • Random exception errors when opening QTP 11 scripts in UFT
  • UFT freezes when trying to execute the Swftoolbar().Select statement
  • Oracle field UFT object spy recognition issues. UFT spy showing Oracle application fields on Windows 7 as winobjects.
  • Change to how UFT associates function libraries
  • The ability to actually recognize Ribbon controls developed using the MSAA API.
  • Flash player error “Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference” after clicking in a Flex Data Grid

HP has also released a patch(UFTALM_00033) for ALM, which should be installed when working with UFT 11.51 Patch 1.

If you are currently using UFT 11.50, then you will need to upgrade to UFT 11.51 first. you can do so with patch UFT_00001, which was recent patch released by HP to work with Windows 8 and IE10. If you’re using ALM, you also need UFTALM_00001.

you can download the patch from HP SelfSolve portal. Please note that you will need to sign-in to HP Passport for this.

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  1. Hi I am working on UFT 11.53 and ALM11 patch 12 versions. I am trying to schedule the runs on ALM through a VB script. Unfortunately its failing to connect. Through few blogs i got to know that I should register the HP ALM Client. I have full admin rights and I had turned off the UAC before running the HP ALM registration Add-in. Upon running that, some 21 dlls are failing to download. Can anyone help me how to make it work?


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