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Object Identification in TestComplete – Descriptive Way

Object Identification in TestComplete - Descriptive Way The Object Identification in TestComplete is based on the properties and values of the object stored in Name Mapping....

Extended Find mechanism of NameMapping in TestComplete

Extended Find mechanism of NameMapping in TestComplete In TestComplete when we map an Application object using Name Mapping, TestComplete also maps all the parent nodes...

Name Mapping & Aliases

Name Mapping is the most important and exciting feature of test complete, Using this feature you can create a mapped name using the properties...

Create your first test with TestComplete

  There are two types of test in TestComplete. Keyword Test :  This is a visually represented and documented test which provides a simple and easy way change...

How TestComplete identify Objects

TestComplete uses two ways to identify objects. Default Object Naming - using the default object names given by TestComplete itself. Name Mapping - map application objects...

TestComplete : Basics

This is the first part of the TestComplete Tutorial Series. In this part we will be discussing the basics of the TestComplete Tools, which are...

TestComplete Command Line

Command Line Interfaces are often preferred by many users, as they provide a more concise and powerful means to control a system or application. Also the applications with command-line interfaces...

Automation Object Model : TestComplete

An Object Model is a structural representation of objects that comprise the implementation of a system or application. Automation enables software packages to expose...

TestComplete 9 : New Features

Here is the complete list of new features that are available in TestComplete 9. Cross-browser Testing TestComplete is now browser independent with its cross browser testing...