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UFT is now UFT One 15.0

Micro Focus has released the new version of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) as UFT 15.0. Micro Focus has named this version as UFT One as part of new UFT Family.

UFT 14.50 All-New Features

All-New UFT 14.50 UFT 14.50 was released late August, 2018 with full of enhanced feature. I personally feel that, all of us as UFT practitioners...

UFT Patch Updates – UFT 14.03

Post the launch of UFT 14.0, there are three patch updates has been released including a number of features and enhancement. Recently Micro Focus...

UFT Jenkins Integration

In our earlier post, we got to know the easy integration of UFT with GIT. This post focuses on integration of UFT and Jenkins....

All about Test Combinations Generator in UFT

Test Combinations Generator With UFT 14.0, HPE has added a new feature in UFT Feature stack – Test Combination Generator (let’s call it TCG). Test Combinations...

UFT : Workarounds for some Common Issues

  In this post, I am listing some of the common problems and its solution which might occur in test automation using UFT. These Solutions...

The Power of Insight Object

These days I am working on 'insight object' of UFT and trying to explore all its capabilities. I am sure you must be knowing...