You might be aware of it by now that, TestComplete 10 has arrived. Here is the link to Download TestComplete from Smartbear.

This time with the bang, support for Mobile devices along with many other features. Also the way it was being packaged earlier is a bit changed. Now we have technology modules to support different types of applications. These modules will work with base IDE, i.e. platform.

TestComplete 10 is comprised of TestComplete Platform and Technology Modules. TestComplete Platform provides a test IDE with foundational components for automated testing, recording, and integration with 3rd party tools. Technology Modules extend the platform to enable testing of specific application technologies – Windows Desktop and Client/Server, Web, and Mobile. Source – Smartbear website

It’s similar to add-ins in QuickTest professional, you need to choose modules that you need to use. If you have to automate tests for applications that run on the Windows desktop, you need Desktop module. For web pages you will need Web module and if you have to automate Android applications, then you will need Mobile module. While Installing TestComplete10 you will get options to select this module.

If you select Mobile module and if you want android support then you will need to mention the Android SDK path. You can download the SDK if you don’t have it already.

Desktop Module : provides functionality for testing Windows desktop applications created with various development tools and languages.

Web Module : provides support for functional testing of web applications running in popular Windows browsers or Web Browser controls built into Windows desktop applications. This module includes plug-ins that enable browser DOM access for TestComplete, to recognize individual elements on web pages, and to provide access to their internal methods and properties.

Mobile Module : The Mobile module includes support for testing native mobile applications:

  • Android platform support
  • iOS platform support (currently in Beta)
  • Interactive Mobile Screen window (virtual mobile, desktop)
  • Full object access for instrumented applications
  • Mobile keyword test operations
  • Automatic deployment and start of testing mobile applications
  • Recording and replay of multi-touch gestures
  • Support for physical (on-device) buttons
  • Support for testing on multiple devices, emulators, or virtual machines
  • Geolocation testing
  • Image-based testing of black-box applications

Other New Features in TestComplete 10

  • Support for Windows 8.1: record and run test on Windows 8.1, Support for testing Windows Store application.
  • Integration into Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013.
  • Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5.
  • Support for JavaFX ver. 2.2.45.
  • Support for Opera 17-8, Chrome 31, Firefox 24-26
  • New property ObjectLabel to get the labels of web controls easily.
  • Enhanced Flash and Flex Testing
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Find more details on whats new in TestComplete 10 at Smartbear.

TestComplete 14 is the latest version released in December 2018.


    • Hi Vijay,
      Test Complete is not free, you will need to pay for its license. Test Complete 10 has enhanced support for mobile automation including android. Get more info here


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