TestComplete 9 : New Features


Here is the complete list of new features that are available in TestComplete 9.

Cross-browser Testing
TestComplete is now browser independent with its cross browser testing feature. Using a browser independent Web Keyword test operations and object for pages dialogs etc simplifies to work with different browser.

Support for the Latest Browser Versions
TestComplete 9 supports the latest versions of Firefox (12), Chrome (19), and Internet Explorer browsers.

HTML5 and Silverlight 5 Support
TestComplete 9 introduces support for new elements, attributes and features introduced by the HTML5 specification. You can now test applications created with the most recent version of Silverlight, including 64-bit applications introduced in Silverlight 5.

More RIA UI Libraries and Toolkits
TestComplete 9 has built in support for Yahoo! UI, jQuery, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), MooTools, CodeJock, and new Flex 4.6 controls. In addition, it supports new grids from Developer Express and Syncfusion.

Extended Support for Testing Microsoft WCF Web Services
The new release supports testing WCF services using basicHttpBinding and wsHttpBinding bindings and Basic, Windows, NTLM, Certificate authentication types.

Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 and 64-bit Delphi Applications
TestComplete 9 enables you to automate testing of applications created with Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2, including 64-bit Delphi applications.

Source Control Support
TestComplete now supports integration with CollabNet Subversion 1.6.6, 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 source control system.

Enhancements for Distributed Testing with Network Suite
The new enhancements expand options and simplify setup of slave computers for running distributed tests. Using the Network Suite’s new Deploy mode option, you can automatically copy slave projects from the master computer to appropriate slave computers.

Improved Test Automation
Updating checkpoints from the log – if your checkpoint fails for a wrong reason, you can update the golden value directly from the log panel
Enhanced checkpoint wizards automatically show additional pages with settings for the selected checkpoint type
Test recording now uses existing name mapping with Extended Find, obviating the follow-on remapping step
List of frequently used operations in Keyword Testing
Built in script debugger – you no longer need to install Microsort Script Debugger as an additional step.

TestComplete 9 is available to at TestComplete Downloads Center.

Reference: SmartBear

TestComplete 14 is the latest version released in December 2018.


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