Test Automation Feasibility Analysis Checklist

AnalysisA sample checklist for feasibility analysis. Feasibility analysis in automation testing refers to a checklist on basis of which we can decide that we should proceed with the automation of the test cases or not. This checklist consists of various factors upon which automation can be decided. Read more…

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QTP Certification-360

QTP Certification-360 will help you to prepare for HP QuickTest Professional Certification exam, at the same time you will learn the core concepts of the tool. All of these questions(about 200) are unique and covers almost all aspects of the tool QTP.

The questions include Single Answer, True/False, Multiple answers and Match type question. After each question that requires explanation, a message window with full explanation of a particular concept will be shown. If your answer to a question is incorrect it displays the explanation for the question. At the end you will get the score. Read More …

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