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How Test Complete Identify Objects

TestComplete Basics



In this post, we will give you an overview of TestComplete IDE (Integrated development Environment), so that you can familiarize yourself with the tool. And use all the features provided to make your automation a great success. TestComplete IDE contains different panels for various purposes.

Project Explorer – used to explore the contents of the project suite or the project. Basic contents of this Panel are

  • Project Suite
  • Project
  • Project Items (Scripts, events, stores)
  • Keyword Tests
  • Name Mapping
  • Tested Apps
  • Log Results

These are discussed in more detail in TestComplete Basics.

Code Explorer – displays the scripts used in the projects and unit and project metrics.



Object Browser – Displays all the objects identified from the processes that are currently running. Objects are being displayed in this panel in form of tree structure to easily identify the hierarchy. Each process corresponds to an application.


By default TestComplete shows all the processes that are currently running on machine. This can be filtered out to show only those processes on which you are going to work. for example if you have to work on a web application, you just need the process for internet explorer to be there. remove all other unnecessary processes by conducting the filter.

In Process tree by mouse right click, you get a menu with different options to perform.

  • Refresh – Refresh Process tree
  • Map Object – add the object into Name Mapping
  • Map Child Object – add child object into Name Mapping
  • Show Object in Name Mapping Editor
  • Store Object – add object in Store
  • Highlight on Screen – highlights the selected object on the application
  • Add Process to TestedApps


Main Workspace – All the coding and action is done in this area.

Result Logs – displays project execution result Logs.

Project Variables – this panel contains list of all the variables used in the project.

Project Properties – All the Configuration settings related to your project is done in this panel.



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