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Test Automation has become part and parcel of Anurag's life. He loves to play with challenges and only believe in one principle only... crack the automation or crack down.
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Keep up your Automation execution with Prompt notification

In this post we are going to talk about how to enable automation execution notification on Microsoft teams. We are assuming you know basics of curl and also you have result available in your framework.

How to automate Angular applications with UFT?

Recently, software industry has shifted drastically in terms of adopting the refined and improved approaches like  Waterfall model to DevOps model or from traditional...

Cucumber Plug-in for Eclipse

Cucumber Eclipse Plugin is used by eclipse to understand the basic Gherkin  syntax and it works like a syntax highlighter. It highlights all the main syntax in...

Cucumber Workflow

How Cucumber works? How does Cucumber interacts with different components of a framework? Lately, my inbox flooded with this question asked by many of you. With this...

Gherkin – Basic Syntax Explained with Example

In this post, we are going to talk about the industry wide most discussed, a new language that testing is going to speak -...

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