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How to perform Code Quality Check for Selenium Test Automation?

When it comes to test automation, it's the same as development and writing code. Furthermore, you build a code to test another code, but no one is testing your automated code for correctness and quality assurance. As a result, having a Code quality check in place for your test automation script has become vital. To remove duplication and simplify things, you'll need to employ coding standards, patterns, and code comments to clarify what each function does. In this post, we'll look at SonarQube, one of the most prominent code quality check tools, and how we can use it to assure a high-quality test automation script by integrating it with test automation.

In 3 Easy Steps, Install SonarQube With Docker

Docker containers are extremely scalable as they are pretty lightweight and easy to scale. Docker has the capacity to reduce the amount of development by using containers to provide a reduced operating system footprint. Containers make it easier for development, QA, and operations, to collaborate across apps. Docker containers can be installed on any real or virtual system, as well as in the cloud. Docker has gained popularity due to its easy-to-use capabilities, which allow users to easily install and use programs. In this post, we will learn to install SonarQube with Docker. Refer to the posts on SonarQube integration with Selenium test automation, integration with eclipse and IntelliJ, and the integration with Jenkins.

How To Integrate SonarQube With Jenkins For Test Automation?

It is crucial and important for your test automation suite to have a code quality check in place for your test automation script. In this post, we'll look at one of the many methods to use SonarQube to implement code quality checks. The focus of this article is on how to easily integrate Jenkins and SonarQube for test automation scripts. Other ways to connect to SonarQube include utilizing the SonarLint Plugin, launching a local version of SonarQube, and using Jenkin Jobs.

How to Integrate SonarLint with Test Automation?

We'll learn how to integrate SonarLint with Eclipse and IntelliJ in this post. This will allow you to assess the quality of your test automation before committing it to your code repository.

TestComplete Tutorial – A Complete Guide for Beginners

In this post, we have summarized tutorial topics for TestComplete Tool. In this TestComplete Tutorial, you will learn the basics to advance along with...

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