Step by Step Download and Install TestComplete


Its very easy to get the trial package and quickly get started with TestComplete. Start with navigating to Smartbear website/ trial page

Step by Step Download and Installation

Simple put a request for the trial package by filling up basic details and submit.

As soon as you submit, your download start. In case not, please refer on screen guidelines.

Couple of points to note –

  • Trial package and commercial package is same, no need to download separately in case you want to purchase the license after trial. You just need to activate and you should be good.
  • Once you download the trial package, do not change/rename the file name. looks like some reference code is associated with the downloads.

Launch the installer and follow onscreen references

Intelligent Quality add-on is a third party add-on that provides support for advanced testing techniques. The add-on is installed automatically when you install TestComplete, but it requires an additional subscription license. If you don’t want this to be installed uncheck the Enable option and click on Next.

Change the path of installation if required or just leave it to default path. Click on Install button and set aside, it will do its work

Once done, a restart is required to configure and refresh setting. Click Finish and you are done.

launch TestComplete with the icon at desktop or app menu. you will get a welcome screen followed the license activation screen.

If you have purchased and already have a commercial license, you must select the active license option. ‘Select a trial’ option to start a 30 day trial of TestComplete with all features and modules enabled. enjoy!!


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