Whats new in testcomplete 14.0

Last month Smarbear released TestComplete 14.0 with enhanced features and couple of exciting new feature additions. There are major improvements since the last release of TestComplete 12 We will go over some of those new features in this post. Detailed features and functions can be found at smartbear documentation portal.

What’s new in Testcomplete 14.0

TestComplete 14 is out as beta release for now and not available for public/trial download. Download link provided at automated-360 and smartbear website leads to TestComplete 12. you can go to https://my.smartbear.com and download the latest version for free if you have a maintenance subscription.

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Check Version History to find the gradual feature enhancements of TestComplete so far. You may want to refer Step by Step Download and Installation Guide to TestComplete 12.

Better handling of run-time errors

This removes the conflict of “on error” behavior between project runtime properties and test item properties in earlier versions. Project properties that control the project’s behavior when errors, exceptions, and warnings occur during the test run are now grouped together as Error handling properties.

Refer the snaps below for the changes made for Project properties in TestComplete 12


Vs TestComplete 14


OCR is back

The legacy OCR plugin which was removed in TestComplete 12.60 is now restored in the TestComplete installation

No Automatic Creation of Advanced Folders

Projects you create will no longer have the Advanced folder added automatically; project items will be added as children of the project. You still can create your custom folders in your project and add project items to them manually.

Support for Web Components.

You can create automated tests for web applications that use Web Components technologies:

  • Shadow DOM – Access and interact with web elements residing in open Shadow DOM trees.
  • Custom Elements – Record and simulate mouse clicks, keyboard input and other user actions on custom elements.

Other Improvements are –

  • ReadyAPI integration enhancement
  • Support for iOS 12.0 and 12.
  • Support for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.
  • Support for Android 9.0 (API Level 28)

Discontinued Support

  • TestComplete no longer supports iOS version 9. x.
  • TestComplete no longer supports Objective-C and Swift applications created with Xcode 7.
  • TestComplete no longer supports the tcCEFHook library for compiling CEF applications
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