UFT 11.5 – Where is my QTP in UFT (toolbars)


Where is My QTP

Where is my QTP?

This is the third part of the series Where is my QTP in UFT in which we discuss the changes that have been made into UFT over QTP. We have already covered Pane Changes and Menu Changes the posts earlier. In this post we will focus on the toolbar changes in UFT 11.

Toolbar Changes in UFT

In UFT, the toolbar buttons has been reduced that it was in QTP. Most of the toolbar buttons are not there.

The Figure below shows the new icons for the standard toolbar buttons than QTP 11. I am only discussing the icons which are relevant to QTP not for Service Test.

You can see the changes in the icons for New Test, Add Test and ALM Connection at standard toolbar.

Standard Toolbar
Standard Toolbar

Automation Toolbar contains buttons  for Record, Run, Insert Call to Action, and Insert Check Point functionality. All theses icons has been changed.

Automation Toolbar
Automation Toolbar

Below figure explains the icons changed for different functionality in View Toolbar.

View Toolbar
View Toolbar

Toolbar buttons, that are not available in UFT are as below. I have mentioned the alternate menu option in UFT.

Print Print is no more available in UFT.
Settings File > Settings
Cut Edit Submenu
Copy Edit Submenu
Paste Edit Submenu
Enable Editing Function library context menu: Right-click the tab of a read-only function library in the document pane and select Enable Editing.
Web Service Testing Wizard Tools > Web Service Testing Wizard
Insert Emulator Synchronization Step Design > Emulator Synchronization
Emulator WaitString Design > Emulator WaitString
Undo Edit > Undo
Redo Edit > Redo
Comment Block Edit > Format > Comment
UnComment Block Edit > Format > UnComment
Find Search > Find
Replace Search > Replace
Split Action Split is not relevant in UFT.
Step Generator Design > Step Generator
Start Transaction Design > Start Transaction
End Transaction Design > End Transaction
Check Syntax Design > Check Syntax
Options Tools > Options
Test Flow Test Flow is now Canvas in UFT.
Active Screen View > Active Screen
Process Guidance It is not available in UFT.
To DO View > Tasks





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