HP UFT Service Pack 11.52 Released


HP has released another critical patch for UFT on 6th June, 2013. Service Pack 11.52 addresses quality and performance issues of 11.50 Major release and SP1.UFT_00022: UFT Service Pack 11.52. UFT Service pack 11.51 has been released earlier which is superseded by this set of patches.

This pack includes updates like BPT in UFT, New Browser releases support (IE10 and FF20) and various fixes like – A better error handling when make LoadFunction, UFT 11.5 is returning garbage characters when running PbDataWindow.GetCellData, Find functionality does not work correctly for function libraries etc.

UFT_00022 Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.52

This service pack contains updates related to: 

  • BPT in UFT
  • Web-Based Help
  • GUI Testing:
    • “Save with resources” command
    • .xslx Excel format is now fully supported
    • View full run results report when running BPT from UFT or Test Plan
    • ALM AUT parameters – Now for GUI tests too
    • Pass complex values from SAP solution Manager to UFT tests
  • API testing:
    • Importing a Web Application Description Language
    • (WADL) as part of the test
    • Improved REST edit and usage abilities
    • SOAP 1.2 security configuration is now available
  • Updated technologies:
    • New browsers releases support (including IE10, FF20)
    • SAP (CRM, WDA, SAP Portal)
    • New supported HTML 5 Identification properties for
    • WebEdit or CSS
    • Siebel
    • PeopleSoft
    • Dojo
    • Terminal Emulators
  • Misc. Application improvements from GA version.

This patch supersedes below patches

UFTALM_00022 UFT Add-in ServicePack 11.52 for ALM

UFT Add-in for ALM. This service pack should be used when working with UFT Service Pack 11.52. This patch supersedes below patches 

UFTRRV_00022 UFT RRV Service Pack 11.52

Run Result Viewer Service Pack. This service pack should be used when working with UFT Service Pack 11.52. This patch supersedes below patches 


 UFTEXA_00002 UFT EA Service Pack 11.52

Patch for Extensibility Accelerator. This service pack should be used when working with UFT Service Pack 11.52. This patch supersedes below patches 





  1. Hi, I am trying to install the UFT 11.52 patch but I am getting error every time. It is saying some entry is missing in the component table. please help to resolve.


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