Micro Focus has released the new version of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) as UFT 15.0. Micro Focus has named this version as UFT One as part of new UFT Family.

Formerly known as

Unified Functional Testing (UFT) – will be known as UFT One

Accelerate test automation with one intelligent solution for web, mobile, API, RPA, and enterprise apps.

Mobile Center – will be known as UFT Mobile

Easily shift-left testing using standard programming languages, IDEs, and testing frameworks of choice.

LeanFT – will be known as UFT Developer

Amplify team productivity with an enterprise-level, end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators.

Source: Micro Focus


Here is a brief insight into the changes of name or journey for your favourite automation tool


What Changed in UFT One

Here are major changes and capabilities added to the pack along with many other enhancements


The Fresh New Look

The new-look includes a brand new easy to use toolbar and main menu along with the impressive and helpful Start Page.

UFT Toolbar


The new start page gives you quick access to get started with learning materials – all UFT resources. Shortcut to open your recent tests, Create New and Open existing tests

UFT Start Page


The New Data Table

UFT now supports .xlsx format and provides faster response times along with the capability improvements below. The new look includes a separate row for Parameter (1st Row) instead of the column headers

UFT Data Table

  • Support Excel’s new formulas and functions.
  • Select whether to print the whole data table or the current sheet only.
  • You can now use dashes (-) and spaces in the data table parameter names.
  • Maximum cell content length extended from 16K to 32K characters.
  • A maximum number of columns extended from 256 to 16K.
  • Jump to a specific cell in the data table by entering its coordinates (for example G27) in the box in the top left corner of the pane.
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Single sign-on (SSO) with Jenkins

Single Sign-On (SSO) ensures that automated processes adhere to corporate policies. As such, the Jenkins plugin for UFT One now supports working with ALM servers that require SSO authentication.


Azure DevOps Server extension

UFT One supports Microsoft’s CI/CD integration tool, previously known as Team Foundation Server (TFS), via our extension on the Azure DevOps’ Marketplace. This extension allows users to run tests stored on the local file system or ALM during build processes.


Improved AI Codeless with The New Look

UFT One’s newly introduced AI-based testing continues to evolve. UFT AI Codeless has a new look and many new capabilities. Additionally, the AI testing capabilities within UFT offer the following enhancements:

  • Improved association of control with the text that helps identify it
  • Uniquely differentiate identical objects in the application based on location
  • Find a match to the partial text within a block when identifying text in your application
  • Perform more operations on controls identified by AI via the Utility objects in UFT’s code

The AI Codeless Testing Tool feature is not part of UFT. It is a standalone tool that lets you experiment with AI Codeless testing. Installing AI Codeless requires additional prerequisites.


AgGrid and UIGrid Sub-Add-ins

The WebAgGrid and WebUIGrid test objects now belong to separate AgGrid and UIGrid sub-add-ins respectively, instead of belonging directly to the Web Add-in. By default, these add-ins are not loaded.

UFT One Add-in


Usability enhancements

UFT One 15.0 improves its usability with a number of new enhancements, including (but not limited to):

  • Running tests using UFT installed on a remote Windows machine even after logging out of the machine
  • Expanding and collapsing the full object hierarchy in the Object Repository Editor and the Object Repository Manager
  • Highlighting relevant objects in your application, thereby helping you determine which object UFT matches to your test object
  • Typing passwords and other encrypted strings for image-based objects (via Insight)
  • Supporting relative paths in GUI test calls to API tests or actions

In addition, this release also includes enhancements for Java testingSAP testingAPI testing, and Web and Mobile testing.


Newly supported technologies

UFT One is hailed by industry analysts for its support of diverse technology stacks. As expected, this release includes 20+ newly supported technologies and versions.

Desktop Apps
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • Adobe Acrobat DC 2017
  • DevExpress 19.1
  • IBM Java 1.7, 1.8
  • PowerBuilder 2019
  • PowerBuilder 64-bit app support
  • QT 64-bit app support
  • SAP GUI 750 patch 12
  • SAP GUI 760 patch 3 (with Belize theme)
  • SAP NWBC Desktop Client 7.0 patch 5
  • SAP NWBC Desktop Client 6.5 patch 18
  • ECATT on SAP Solutions Manager 7.2 SP09
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Web Apps and Browsers
  • Angular 8
  • ExtJS 6.7
  • Safari 13
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 1903
  • Firefox 68.1 ESR, 69, 70
  • Chrome 76, 77, 78
Other Technologies
  • Autopass 10.9.2, 11.0.0
  • Git 2.22
  • Tibco JMS Server 8.x



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