UFT 11.5 – Where is my QTP in UFT (menu)


whrismyUIUFT (Unified Functional Test) 11.5 has an entirely new, different and modern IDE (Integrated Development Environment)  designed for both developers and testers. The new IDE offers many enhanced editor and coding capabilities like improved statement completion, customized and built in Code snippets, class and function browsers, Go to dialog box etc. All the things like menu, pane , toolbar etc has been changed or placed differently than you had seen in QTP earlier. If you have installed UFT 11.5, you might be wondering now “I don’t see QTP here, Where is my QTP!!”

QTP is still there just with a new mask this time. In this series of posts I will focus on the changes in the UI(User Interface), which makes UFT different altogether and so you will not loose your QTP. This post explains the details on Changes in Menu Commands.

Menu Changes in UFT

File Menu

Create New Test – this doesn’t changed, File > New > Test. but the way it used to work earlier is changed in UFT 11.5. Now it will pop you a dialog box to select the type of test you want to go for.

UFT - Create New Test
UFT – Create New Test

New Scripted ComponentFile > New > Scripted Component  is File > New Business Component

Open Business ComponentFile > Open > Business Component

Close All Function Libraries – to do this in QTP you need to go to File > Close All Function Libraries . In UFT, right click on any document tab and select Close All Documents.

UFT - Right Click on Tab Options
UFT – Right Click on Tab Options

ALM/ QC Connection – ALM is a separate menu option in UFT 11.5.  All menu command to manage ALM connection have been moved here. In QTP, these menu commands are

ALM/QC Version Control > Check Out
ALM/QC Version Control > Undo Check Out
ALM/QC Version Control > Check In
ALM/QC Version Control > Version History
ALM/QC Version Control > Baseline History

Process Guidance Management has been removed in UFT.

Associating Function Library is simple now, just right click the library document tab in document Pane and select Associate Library with Function.

Edit Menu

Action Commands – All action commands (except Split) can be accessible from right-click menu option on the action in canvas or the action mode in the keyword view.  These edit commands are

Rename Action

Delete Action

Action Properties and

Action call

Split Action is not relevant for UFT.

Basically the earlier edit menu options are now in two menus Edit and Search.

UFT - Edit Menu
UFT – Edit Menu


UFT - Search Menu
UFT – Search Menu

View Menu

Available Keyword – pane is toolbox pane now. View > Toolbox

Data table is called as simply Data in UFT, View > Data

Same for Debug Viewer as well, View > Debug. All the different Debug options are available at the menu option only to choose from.

View > Debug
View > Debug

Resources are available under Solution Explorer pane. View > Solution Explorer.

Expert View is known as Editor in UFT and is available under View menu Options. The command switches between the Keyword View and Editor

Toolbar, Process Guidance and Window Theme is not relevant for UFT.

Insert Menu –  Almost all the insert menu options are under Design menu option.

UFT - Design Menu
UFT – Design Menu

Checkpoints – Design> Checkpoint

Output Value – Design > Output Value

Step Generator – Design >Step Generator, this is also available in right click menu options at keyword view and editor as well.

Code Snippets – Insert > Conditional Statement and Insert > Loop Statement is now under Edit menu.

UFT - Code Snippet
UFT – Code Snippet

Automation Menu

The Automation menu from QTP is incorporated into two menus, Run and Record. All the options related to Recording are in Record sub menu, like record, stop, record and run settings etc.

UFT - Record Menu
UFT – Record Menu

Option for Run are in Run sub menu. Run menu also contains sub menu options for all the sub menu items under Debug menu in QTP.

Automation > Web Service Testing Wizard is now in Tools sub menu in UFT. Tools > Web Service Testing Wizard. The web service add-in is supported for backwards compatibility only is not enabled by default. New tests and component can use HP’s API testing solution for web service testing purpose.

UFT - Run Menu
UFT – Run Menu

Tools menu: Some of the service test menu option are there in the Tools menu.

Tools > View Option is now in Tools > Options> Text Editor tab

Option dialog box is entirely changed now, well designed and properly segregated by type.

UFT - Option Dialogue
UFT – Option Dialogue

Window Customization menu commands like Cascade, Tile horizontally/vertically is not available in UFT.

Resource Menu– The Associated Function Libraries command from the QTP 11 resource menu is not available in UFT.

To view the list of function libraries associated with a test or component, use Solution Explorer pane or the Resources Pane.



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