TestComplete is one of the best automation tool available in the market. With the increase in demand and changes in technology, these tools has made its significant place. And so we see there are lots of requirements coming up for automators with TestComplete skill set.  This post contains some commonly asked question on TestComplete at different multi-national organizations. We hope this will definitely help you prepare for the same.

Please note, some of the questions here are using VBScript as scripting language in TestComplete.

1. A general question could be like – What is TestComplete, how it works? or What do you know about TestComplete.

2. Explain name mapping concept in TestComplete.

3. Which version of TestComplete you have used ?

4. Have you worked on QTP also?If yes,what are the advantage of Testcomplete over QTP.

5. Use of USEUNIT method in TestComplete.

6. How descriptive programming can be done in TestComplete?

7. We have an object on a webpage say button,its hierarchy is getting change every-time you open that webpage.Apart from descriptive programming is there any way that we can identify that object on webpage or not?If yes then how.

8. Elaborate Object Identification Mechanism in TestComplete.

9. Difference between Find and FindAll method.

10. If any unexpected windows pop up during your script in TestComplete,how can you handle that?

11. What is Distributed testing and how it can be achieve using TestComplete.

12. Regular expression TestComplete.

13. Scripting languages that can be used in testComplete.

14. What is the purpose of TestedApps in TestComplete.

15. How can we call any application that has been added to TestedApps  in your scripts.

16. Different ways of capturing objects in TestComplete.

17. Is it possible to perform record and play  mechanism in TestComplete or not.

18. Browsers supported by TestComplete till date.

19. Regular expression in TestComplete.

20. Syntax for highlighting objects on web page.

21. Steps for calling functions located in some other file to any other file.

Hope, these questions are helpful to you.

Automated-360 team wishes you best of luck.

Happy Learning!!!

If you have any query related to the above mention questions or some other questions related to Automation testing ,drop us an email at admin@automated-360.com or post your comment,we will make sure that you get your replies on time.


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