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TestComplete Command Line

Command Line Interfaces are often preferred by many users, as they provide a more concise and powerful means to control a system or application. Also the applications with command-line interfaces...

Automation Object Model : TestComplete

An Object Model is a structural representation of objects that comprise the implementation of a system or application. Automation enables software packages to expose...

Synchronizing with readystate

Synchronization in UFT is a generic way to have specified amount of time for  an object to process prior to moving to next step....
Handling Unexpected Windows

How Test Complete Handles Unexpected Windows

When you are designing your script and you know that a specific popup will appear on a particular event then you design your script...

TestComplete 9 : New Features

Here is the complete list of new features that are available in TestComplete 9. Cross-browser Testing TestComplete is now browser independent with its cross browser testing...
Object Hierarchy

Mystery of different hierarchy

Have you noticed the difference between Object Spy and Object Repository. Did you check the way both represents the hierarchy of same object is...
Regular Expression

Regular Expression Quick Start

In this post, we will see how easily we can craft powerful and time saving regular expressions. This post explains the most basic concepts,...
Virtual Objects

Virtual Objects – the Descriptive way

If you have used Virtual Object in UFT and that too using in recording mode. You are wondering, if we can use descriptive programming...
Virtual Object in UFT

Virtual Object in UFT / QTP – When Nothing works

When Nothing Works (as-in when UFT is not able to identify objects the usual way), Virtual Object in UFT (formerly QTP) is the weapon to achieve awesomeness of automation. Sometimes you find that UFT is not able to recognize an object, even if the object behaves like a standard object. Virtual object helps in such situation, enabling the object recognition and test execution.

First Step – Let The Learning Continue

        This is my first blog post on my brand new website. This is something I wanted to do since long,...