UFT 14.50 All-New Features

UFT 14.50

All-New UFT 14.50

UFT 14.50 was released late August, 2018 with full of enhanced feature. I personally feel that, all of us as UFT practitioners are really glad to get this continuously improving tool and are always excited to look at the new enhancement and capabilities as it comes. That’s why this post again, covering all the aspects of UFT 14.50. A bit late though. I hope you will find it useful. [Update: Jan 2020] Latest version of UFT is UFT One, click here know more details

Micro Focus Owned it

Don’t get confused, we all know it was long back when Micro Focus took over UFT and other software from HP. With this version, Micro Focus seems to be re-branded with certain required changes to make it completely Micro Focus rather HP. Some changes you will notice is UFT icon, The Splash/welcome screen, few changes on overall look and feel like processing dialog etc.

           UFT Processing

Licensing Updates

An important update, which you must know about if you are using AutoPass license server and you are upgrading to UFT 14.50. You must upgrade AutoPass installation version to 10.7 in order for UFT to work.

Parallel Testing

Parallel test on mobile device was introduced in the previous version UFT 14.03. This has been enhanced further including the capability to execute web tests to run in parallel. Both Mobile and web parallel runs can be done via CLI tool ParallelRunner, which can be found in “bin” folder at UFT Installation folder. You will be able to trigger parallel test runs from Jenkins as well. Know more details here.

Parallel Execution with UFT

Once executions are done, you will get an aggregated test result of all parallel executions on different environment in a single report.

Mobile Testing

Mobile Center enhancement – This version also includes additional feature to include mobile center work spaces for multiple projects.

Facial and Bar code Recognition simulation – after fingerprint recognition simulation in version 14.03, facial and Bar code recognition is now introduced in this release. Several methods has been introduced and renamed to cover both features.

Hover Mode in Object Spy

You might have faced such a situation earlier while spying, that the object disappears as soon as you click on the screen. With Hover Mode in object spy, UFT now has the ability to spy on such object just by hovering over the object.

You can find the hover mode toggle button at the top of object spy window.

Object Spy Hover

AOM support for StormRunner

UFT’s automation object model (AOM) now supports the new WebSRFSettings object. This object gives you the ability to define the Record and Run Settings for SRF without having to open UFT. Additionally, the WebLauncher object now supports enhanced methods and properties to support SRF.

For those, who are not aware of StormRunner Functional (SRF); it’s a cloud based functional testing solution by Microfocus. With SRF you can

  • Run web and mobile tests remotely in the cloud, just as they would locally
  • Upload web and mobile tests to use as assets for SRF tests
  • Test against almost any device and browser without creating a test lab

Reporting Enhancements

A pie graph in the upper right-corner, showing the statistics about steps passed, failed, and with warnings during the test run.

BPT Branching

Now you can add additional structure to your business process tests, either from UFT or ALM. Use branches to cover many different user flows in your app, using the same test.

TFS enhancements

Customize your TFS test run batch file with a test result path parameter. Add the list of tests you want to run, as well as any relevant parameters.

Print Custom Log

Now you can print custom log messages to a Windows debug stream with the new SystemUtil.PrintToDebugStream method.

Technology Stack

UFT now supports the following new technology versions:

  • Java 9, Java 10
  • Angular 5
  • Oracle E-Biz 12.2.6
  • SAPGUI 7.50 P6, SAP CRM via IE 64-bit, SAP Fiori 1.52, and NWBC Desktop 6.5 PL7
  • .NET ComponentOne FlexGrid 4.0
  • IBM WebSphere HOD 12
  • Rocket BlueZone 7.1
  • QT 5.10
  • Out-of-the-box support for both TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in API tests
  • Citrix XenDesktop 7.15, 7.17
  • Citrix XenApp 7.15, 7.17

Newly supported browser versions:

  • Chrome 67, 68
  • Firefox 60, 61
  • Edge 17.17134
  • Safari 11

video from Micro Focus

Updated December 2018

All new UFT 14.51



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