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Even with several limitations with codeless test automation tools, there is a significant raise in the adoption of such tools across the industry. Automation testing has become a need of the hour in the fast-paced development environment in Agile. The skillset required to leverage traditional automation tools like Selenium is escalated. also, the learning curve and putting through appropriate strategy to kick off is quite high. With codeless, it becomes super easy and kickoff with test automation right away.

What is Codeless Automation Testing?

Codeless Automation Testing is a practice of creating automated tests without writing a single line of code. Testing teams automate the test scripts with codeless automation, regardless of their level of expertise. Codeless automation reduces the amount of time spent on coding in manual testing, giving testers and developers more time to concentrate on product development.

When to consider Codeless Test Automation?

Below are some of the reasons why you should take into account integrating codeless test automation into the software testing process, even though it is not entirely code-free.

  • Cost-effective, testing uses no code
  • Team to invest less time in automation
  • Quickly expand testing coverage
  • engage your entire QA workforce in automation
  • less learning curve to engage non-technical test engineers
  • Easy to use automation tools with a rich user interface

Best Codeless Automation Testing tools



ACCELQ is a cloud-based platform for continuous functional & API automation testing that makes use of plain english language or natural language and application abstraction. it’s an AI-Powered Codeless Test Automation tool. The testing cycle can be accelerated by automating online, desktop, mainframe, and other applications with the least amount of time and effort. With its straightforward natural language coding and self-healing capabilities, AccelQ attracts the attention of testing and Agile teams.


  • Quick, Easy way to develop and maintain test automation
  • Increase test coverage by modeling user interface and data flow
  • Embedded Frameworks allow for quicker development and less maintenance
  • Predictive and Path Analysis features for developing test scenarios
  • Easy in-sprint automation and CI integration
  • Highly scalable and secure for Enterprise usage

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Katalon Studio

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Katalon is the most popular choice for test automation in a row for the last 3 years. its wide range of testing capabilities across APIs, Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications, makes it a popular choice. A user-friendly interface is provided by Katalon for business users and testing specialists. It is a genuine Codeless test automation tool because of the record and playback features and drag-and-drop commands. Without having to start from scratch, testers can import external testing libraries and let the tool handle execution.

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  • Web, API, mobile, and desktop test automation. Deploy on Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Comes with built-in project templates, test-case libraries, keywords, and object repositories
  • Advanced Business-Driven Development features
  • Automatically generate tests based on UI changes
  • Able to locate changes in the object and generate tests accordingly
  • Supports native plugins for the popular CI tools
  • Robust and comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Built-in integrations such as Test Management, Issue Management, Notifications, & Communication

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A fast and easy solution to automate functional tests for engineering teams. Testim is an AI Powered, end-to-end software testing automation tool. It is a web-based tool that aids teams in upholding ethical standards for software quality. Additionally, Testim provides plugins for Jira, CI/CD Jenkins pipelines, and custom grids for test execution.


  • Single Framework for UI and API
  • AI Smart and dynamic locators
  • Intuitive an straightforward test management and organization
  • Reusability of test cases

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Mabl is an intelligent automated testing tool designed for Agile teams. The only SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates end-to-end automated testing into the whole development lifecycle is mabl, which was created for quality engineering. With mabl, it’s never been simpler to create, run, and manage dependable automated tests, enabling software teams to expand test coverage, quicken development, and enhance application quality.


  • Create and manage tests for the entire user journey in a single platform.
  • Build Reliable Tests
  • Test at the speed of development
  • Integration with CICD

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Leapwork is a cloud-based, codeless test automation tool and supports multiple types of applications like Web, Windows, SAP, and more. Automation is the cornerstone of Leapwork and they implemented it with default libraries and pre-defined building blocks, helping teams to save time and improve productivity. 


  • Visual flow builder with drag-and-drop building blocks
  • Codeless capabilities shorten the learning curve for testing teams
  • Ability to reuse automation flows across different test cases
  • Supports cross-browser testing and parallel executions
  • Well-documented knowledge base for early adopters with videos and documents
  • Effortless integration with existing DevOps toolset
  • Smart recorder to capture test steps and execute them automatically
  • Able to handle large volumes of data and supports multiple data sources

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Other Codeless Automation Tools


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