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LeanFT Tutorial - Create Tests in LeanFT

LeanFT Tutorial #5: Create Tests in LeanFT

In this post for LeanFT/UFT Pro tutorial series, we will go through steps to create tests in LeanFT and learn about IDE project templates...
Katalon Studio

Setting up Mobile Automation Project in Windows

Using Katalon Studio, a mobile tester can design automation tests for both Android and iOS apps on physical devices, cloud services or emulators. This tutorial...
Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio GUI Overview

Toolbar The main Toolbar contains the most common actions which you usually perform (e.g. creating test resources or executing automation tests). Below is the main...
LeanFT Application Model

LeanFT Tutorial #4: Application Model Overview

Important update for everyone: HPE UFT and HPE LeanFT are now Micro Focus UFT and Micro Focus LeanFT. Microfocus completed a merger with HPE...

LeanFT Tutorial #3: Object Identification Center (OIC)

Don’t get confused by the name, it is very similar to Object Spy in UFT which you are already aware of. Object Identification Center...
Katalon Studio

Installing and Setting up Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a simple and powerful test automation solution for not only web and mobile applications but also web services, a revolution of...
LeanFT Tutorial

LeanFT Tutorial #2: Browser Extensions and Settings

This post is in continuation with the LeanFT tutorial series. Refer to the last post on Getting Ready with LeanFT, if you would like...
LeanFT Tutorial

(UFT Pro) LeanFT Tutorial #1: Getting Ready with LeanFT

For the past couple of months, we have been receiving multiple emails from many of you asking for the materials related to LeanFT. We...
Katalon Studio

Kickstart automation testing using Katalon Studio

Starting a new automation project for a website can be complicated and requires a steep learning curve, especially to those who are new to...
Katalon Studio – A robust alternative to open source Automation Frameworks

Key Features of Katalon Studio

In the last post, we interviewed Katalon Studio and got a brief idea of various useful features. With Increasing interest on this powerful solution,...
UFT GIT Integration

4 easy steps to integrate UFT with GIT

GIT is a source code management and revision control system. There are various version control systems are available, GIT has become very popular lately...
Katalon Studio

We Interviewed Katalon Studio

There are various tools that help QA teams execute testing and test automation. These days, we find a new tool almost every day that...
Test Combination Generator

All about Test Combinations Generator in UFT

Test Combinations Generator With UFT 14.0, HPE has added a new feature in UFT Feature stack – Test Combination Generator (let’s call it TCG). Test Combinations...
Tools that works well with UFT

Micro Focus/HPE Tools that work well with UFT

In this post, we are listing out some of the tools that works with UFT. These are the tools which you will need to...

Found a flaw – UFT 14

This is a quick post on a flaw, I just found while working with UFT 14.0. Dont worry its not that serious! There is a...