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JAVA Coe Won't Run

Quick Read: My Java Code won’t run! – The Missing Pre-requisite

Many users, especially beginners complain that they are not able to run their java code. Java installation was successful and everything else seems to...
Execution Notification

Keep up your Automation execution with Prompt notification

In this post we are going to talk about how to enable automation execution notification on Microsoft teams. We are assuming you know basics of curl and also you have result available in your framework.
Selenium Guide

A Quick Refresher Guide for Selenium WebDriver

Here is our attempt to create a brief, very short version to summarize and touch upon all concepts of Selenium. This Quick Refresher Guide...
Selenium Interview Questions

Most Popular 40 Selenium Interview Questions With Answers

Here are some of the most popularly asked Selenium interview questions which are being asked during evaluation for Selenium

CI/CD for Automation Testers

In this post, we are going to focus on concepts of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment/Delivery (CD) methods in DevOps. Before going to...

UFT is now UFT One 15.0

Micro Focus has released the new version of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) as UFT 15.0. Micro Focus has named this version as UFT One as part of new UFT Family.
Whats new in testcomplete 14.0

TestComplete 14.0

Last month Smarbear released TestComplete 14.0 with enhanced features and couple of exciting new feature additions. There are major improvements since the last release...

Step by Step Download and Install TestComplete

It's very easy to get the trial package and quickly get started with TestComplete. Start with navigating to Smartbear website/ trial page http://smartbear.com/product/testcomplete/free-trial/ Step by...
Insight Objects

Image Based Object Identification – Insight

Image-based recognition was first introduced in UFT (QTP) version 11.5, which enables the recognition of objects in Application Under Test (AUT) using the “image”...
Parallel Execution in UFT

Parallel Execution with UFT

With version 14.03, UFT got the capability to run parallel testing on mobile, which has been enhanced now with the latest version UFT 14.50,...
UFT 14.50

UFT 14.50 All-New Features

All-New UFT 14.50 UFT 14.50 was released in late August 2018 full of enhanced features. I feel that all of us as UFT practitioners are...
UFT 14.03

UFT Patch Updates – UFT 14.03

Post the launch of UFT 14.0, there are three patch updates has been released including a number of features and enhancement. Recently Micro Focus...
Katalon Studio

Setting up Web Service Automation Project

Web services are specific services that can be published and called over the Internet by client applications. Katalon Studio supports functional testing of web...
Katalon Studio

Setting up Mobile Automation Project in MacOS

Using Katalon Studio, mobile tester can design automation test for both Android and iOS to run on physical devices, cloud services and emulators. This tutorial...
uft jenkins

UFT Jenkins Integration

In our earlier post, we got to know the easy integration of UFT with GIT. This post focuses on the integration of UFT and...